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A simple and configurable traffic shaper for Linux

What about it

EasyShaper is a (simple) traffic shaper configuration system for Linux kernel-based OSes. It's a init script, thus it may be set to start/stop automatically, if you want so.

Shaping is a complex and tedious thing to make work using custom scripts, telling the kernel how the traffic should be treated.
With EasyShaper you may set the traffic via simple configuration files, while the real configuration work is done by the script.
Since the approach is to try to make things simple, there's not much configuration flexibility (compared to custom shaper scripts). Hopefully this solution will be adequate for most users.

System requirements

Installation and configuration
  1. Install the init script:
    # rpm -ivh easyshaper-X.X-X.noarch.rpm
    unpack the tar.gz and
    # make install -- ATTENTION: bad installer, check the Makefile if your OS is not RedHat-alike
  2. Configure the preferences:
    see: /etc/easyshaper/interface-EXAMPLE
  3. Start the init script:
    # /etc/rc.d/init.d/easyshaper start

Files available for download

>>> Click here to access the downloads' page <<<
There you may download:

For TC with HTB support:
HTB Home -- Prefer this instead of the tc binary available here

Contacting the author

Daniel Mealha Cabrita -- (remove the "nomorespam" string)

Last updated: June 13th, 2004